Tekuada Abegaz, 45 years of age and mother of 2 To make a living, I work on my farm during the week and bake cookies throughout the night on Friday to sell them at the market on Saturday. I work very hard and my daughter, Hayat Imam, travelled to the Middle East with and illegal broker and lived there for one year and five months so I could rest a bit. She had signed a two-year contract, but she came home early because of dangerous situation of the household. During the time she stayed there she grew fond of the wife. They became friends and the wife would help her with her household chores. However, when the husband came home he would beat his wife for lowering herself to domestic work. Because the situation worsened and it became dangerous for the wife, she decided to send my daughter home early. It was unsafe for her to stay longer. During her time in the Middle, East Hayat send money home through my account and I build a house for her here. Hayat Imam now helps me at the farm and to bake cookies. I am part of Mahibere Hiwot’s saving and credit group. With the money I borrowed to start my cookie business, I managed to save up 5200 birr. Despite her bad experiences, Hayat would like to go back to the Middle East to work there. However, after what I learned from MSD I advised her to travel legally and she is determined to do so. To travel there, she needs money. So, we have managed to save up enough for her to go. When she migrated the first time, migration was banned, so there was no possibility to migrate legally. However, one year ago the government has signed an agreement with the Middle East about migration. What we are waiting for is for the government agreement to become effective, after which my daughter will migrate legally and safely.
“I am very happy that the ban will be lifted and that my daughter can migrate safely, but at the same time I am still worried for her safety, but I am a mother, I will be worried even if she goes to Haik, the village next door’’.