Unemployment, underemployment, illegal migration, harmful cultural norms and practices and low aspiration are some of the issues that put a growing number of youth at risk. Among the major challenges youth in Ethiopia face are lack of access and quality of vocational training to equip them with employable skills, lack of access to paying job opportunities, and lack of innovation and initiative to be self-employed. This in turn contributes to the cycle of poverty.

As an organization that aspires to realize the potential of youth and children, MSD has been working towards building the society’s capacity so as to engage in various form of marketable income generating activities. The interventions addressed: 

  • Supporting youth and local partners to create jobs and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth;
  • Providing trainings and other capacity building supports in business and entrepreneurship skills;
  • Creating access to financial opportunities, vocational trainings, and market opportunities as well as creating linkages between micro and small enterprise development organizations;
  • Collaborating with TVET agencies in providing formal and non-formal skills training for the neediest youth to create employment and business opportunities