Our livelihood-related programs support adolescents, young people and women to pursue self-employment.  MSD uses a step-by-step approach to support and encourage targeted groups to build and grow market-driven enterprises. We identify youth groups, young women and adolescents and support them to establish self-help groups and Village Saving and Loan Associations, delivering basic business development trainings and providing startup capital.  

Past Projects

  • Empowering Early Married Rural Young Girls

through Reproductive Health, Psycho-Social, and Economic Interventions (EMERGE): Funded by CSSP/British Council.

  • Economic strengthening program through urban gardening for PLHIV in Gondar and Dabat woredas, North Gondar Administrative Zone and in the Amhara National Regional State.
  • IGA Scheme for PLHIV and OVC implemented in Gondar and Dabat woredas, in the North Gondar Administrative Zone.

Currents Projects

  • Reintegration of returnees from the Middle East
  • Creating optimal livelihoods for trafficked persons
  • IGA scheme for people living with HIV or AIDS, and guardians of orphans


Empowered women started saving


Laundry Service provision helped beneficiaries for improved household