Promoting Human rights and Democracy is a key for the realization of development in any nation. Building sustainable peaceful coexistence and good governance are the central pillars to ensure the observance of human rights and accountability. In lieu of this, MSD is implementing a Human right and good governance program where the “PEACE MATTERS – Dialogue for peaceful coexistence” project is a part.

While partners of this project are to launch the project in six regional states and Addis Ababa city administration, MSD launched the project for the Amhara & Benishangul region project areas. The launching event was opened by the speech of the representatives from the Amhara & Benishangul regions security & administrations Bureaus whereas the project objective, strategy, targets, expected outcomes were presented by MSD staff.  Following the presentation, discussions were made on the project and recommendations were collected from the participants.

Accordingly, the project has a plan to promote local level dialogues, inter-generational linkage and involving local institutions (Faith based organizations, youth group, women & elders) in identifying and solving local conflict and security challenges.