Mahibere Hiwot is member organization for the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association since 2008. The Consortium has announced a best practice competition to all its members to submit in written form with in the specified time keeping the guideline.

Following the call, MSD’s key staff has sat and discussed on the identification of the project which has a best practice to be communicated to others and fit to the standard of the call. Accordingly, the ‘Extending and Expanding Mobile Medical Service to the people of the Simien Mountains’ project has been carefully chosen by the team. The best practice of this project has been submitted to the CCRDA to their evaluation. It has been selected to be among the top 30’s. The Consortium invited MSD to present to Juries to select the top 15 from the 30’s. The Juries found the document and the presentation effective to join the top 15. The last phase was having a field visit to verify the document which was presented for the Juries.

MSD is waiting for the final result of the juries.

Impressed by the experience which has being implemented at community level, CCRDA has aired 15 minutes radio program which is broadcasted through FM 102.1.