Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD) has provided emergency support for the community in need in its program target areas following the political and social crisis in northern part or the country. The emergency support has been provided for the target groups who are in need in Dabre-Tabor, Nifas-Mewcha and Mekene-Yesus towns that have been highly affected by the political conflict and known for experiencing social crisis. These towns are among other four targets of the USAID funded Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Services project, such as Adet, Addis-Zemen and Werete towns and Bahir-Dar City.
The emergency support has targeted children, women and adult victims of the political crisis in the mentioned towns of South Gondar zone Amhara regional state. MSD in collaboration with local government structures conducted rapid need assessment and came up with priority needs as food, medication, education materials and clothing hit the front line. Accordingly, the emergency support has been provided in two rounds for identified beneficiaries.
Round one: Targeted 181 household beneficiaries (131 in Nefas-Mewcha town and 50 in Debre-Tabor town) and 310 Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) drawn from Debre-Tabor, Nefas-Mewcha and Mekane-Yesus towns through food items, scholastic materials and clothing with the total budget of 300,000 Birr.
Round two: Focused in provision of nutrition Support. The second round support has come from Amhara Development Association (ADA) with the total budget of 578,260 Birr. In the same target towns, Debre-Tabor, Nefas-Mewcha and Mekane-Yesus a total of 645 households have been targeted through wheat flour distribution where each beneficiary delivered with 22.5 kg. Among the total household beneficiaries, 325 households were from Nefas-Mewcha town and 160 household beneficiaries were from both Debre-Tabor and Mekane-Yesus towns each.
In both rounds, MSD has been able to provide the emergency support in the three target towns for a total of 1136 beneficiaries (826 households and 310 OVC) with the total budget of 878,260 Birr.
In the entire process of provision of the emergency support, the local government and community structures like Community Care and Coalition (3C) have been actively participated.
MSD is therefore, pleased to extend sincere gratefulness to its partners; USAID and ADA for collaborating in responding to the emergency needs of the beneficiaries.