Education is the single most powerful tool to transform and sustain lives of individuals, which are the fabric of a country’s society. The country has long been affected by the impacts of lack of access to and quality of education. Although a breakthrough has been seen in terms of increasing access to education for children through expanding infrastructure, development of human resources and promotion of the value of education for parents and the general population to change attitudes of parents, education still remains an area of concern as there are still gaps across both the supply and demand sides and revisiting education to make it more valuable for the youth in terms of creating skills for improvement.

MSD’s concern in this regard is directed towards intervening through:

  • Improving the quality of education to enhance learning outcomes among girls and boys;
  • Addressing societal and institutional barriers that increase dropout and reduce performance;
  • Promote girl friendly environment within schools through promoting in-school clubs, safe spaces and other peer to peer support systems;
  • Work with TVET institutions in improving the quality of education and training and creating employable formal and non-formal trainings for youth;
  • Support structures and initiatives that works towards creating access to education, improving the quality of education, creating gender equitable schools and improving students’ skills in primary education, secondary education and beyond