Together we sustained

Eneyish Asrie and her step children whose father died twelve years ago are residents of Shinfa town where the SCI-MSD child protection program is being implemented. Eneyish is a petty trader at shenfa town market area selling potatoes and tomatoes from which she earns a daily income of less than ETB 30.00. Because of these insignificant house hold income, she couldn’t send her children for schooling regularly rather she often send them for either boiled potato selling or any other income sources.

After she and her children had been identified as destitute by the local administration, she was trained on basic business skill training and provided with a startup capital by SCI-MSD project as foster mother. Since then, her life turning point starts by building small shop around her house & involved in ‘gulit’ market, coffee and tea preparation . Furthermore, she has expanded her shop for the purpose of selling numerous items of goods and services which result her to make good sum of money, sending her children for schooling regularly, avoided child risky behaviors and became middle class trader.