Improved house hold for better child protection

Eskedar Beredid is a mother of three abandoned children with less significant daily household income from commercial sex work. When she was introduced in to the SCI-MSD’s child protection program at Metema town, she has no information on improving livelihood, positive child care & disciplining and positive way of living.

In order to better protect her children from such extra abusive environment, she was identified by the local kebele administration as socio-economically vulnerable, trained on basic business skill development training and provided with ETB 3000.00 as a startup capital. Together with Eskedar, the MSD staff and the local small & micro enterprises development office had conducted a tough market assessment to identify profitable income generating activity that will support her house hold income. Based on this assessment, she is currently working on Enjera selling business activity from which she is collecting ETB 600.00 per day.

As per her wordings:

“ Resulted from my dedication and with the effort made by SCI and MSD, my source of livelihood has been changed, my child care and protection system became positive, my children are able to get enough time to attend schooling regularly, and my home is equipped with good utensils”

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