Values of MSD

Accountability: The organization is committed to demonstrating accountability in using resources and rolling out its responsibilities to the community, donors, government and members

Integrity: The organization pursues its mission with commitment, discipline and rigor at all times.

Transparency: The organization act in a thoroughly transparent manner in all its undertakings

Participation & Partnership: The organization forges partnerships and engages diverse stakeholders in participatory approaches for development

Volunteerism: The general assembly, board, management and staff of MSD intend to always volunteer and contribute

Diversity: The organization engages and serves diverse population. Decisions undertaken on behalf of the organization are made with the greatest respect and support of everyone within and around

Care for Environment: The organization promotes environmental friendly technologies, approaches and actions through community based environmental protection and rehabilitation interventions

Recognitions given to MSD

For its successful accomplishment on the implementation of projects/programs under its thematic areas during the past years, MSD was accompanied with multiple awards and recognitions. Among others few are certificate of achievement from Pact Ethiopia for strong performance of Yekokob- Berhan HVC project in 2012/13, Certificate of recognition from PSI/Ethiopia THPP project for outstanding support and collaboration during the successful implementation of the USAID targeted HIV prevention program in 2012, certificate of recognition from Pathfinder International / Ethiopia for bringing about a significant difference to the lives of thousands of families and certificate of appreciation from Amhara National Regional State HIV/ AIDS Prevention and control coordination office in recognizing MSD as best development partner for Health Sector development.

Similarly, MSD has got various recognition letters from government and community structure offices for its participatory, project/program designing, beneficiary selection, monitoring and need based support to its beneficiaries

Current projects of MSD

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