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About US

MahibereHiwot for Social Development (MSD) was established in 1999 by few volunteer youth who were concerned and hence aspired to contribute their part in the national effort to combat the spread of the HIV epidemic. It has been registered as a local NGO by the Ministry of Justice followed by re-registration as an Ethiopian Resident Charity. Given its beginning, a…

Key Priorities

1. Institutional Development

• Enhance board members functional engagement in key strategic issues
• Strengthen our systems and internal capacity to achieve program priorities
• Grow and diversify our funding bases, partnerships and linkages.
• Information, communication and knowledge management

2. Program Development

• Improve capacity to assess, design, implement monitor and evaluate youth and child centered health, education, social mobilization and economic strengthening activities
• Enhance community and stakeholders participation in key program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities

Our Vision

To see youths and children achieve their greatest potential and actively participate in the socio-economic development of the country

Our Mission

Work with stakeholders in identifying needs and providing supports and services to equip youth and children with education, skills and assets to access opportunities and become agents of change within their communities.

Core Values & Principles

Care for Environment


Child Development
Migration and Trafficking
Environmental Protection
Livelihood & Social Mobilization
Cross Cutting (Disability, Gender, Male Engagement )


• Promote Youth SRH

• Improve MNCH

• Reduce Malnutrition & Nutrition Deficiency


• Improve Access & quality

• Ensure Gender Equality in education

• TVET and Skills




The National Health Policy emphasizes core principles of democratization and decentralization of the Health Care System of Ethiopia. Preventive, promotive and curative components of health services in the country have…


Education is the single most powerful tool to transform and sustain lives of individuals, which are the fabric of a country’s society. The country has long been affected by the…

Child Development

Internal child migration and trafficking, especially of children aged 10 to 18 years is a widespread social and demographic phenomenon in Ethiopia. Under its child development interventions, MSD has been…

Migration and Trafficking

MSD is currently running projects on unsafe migration and human trafficking entitled Protecting Unsafe Migration, Paths to Safer Childhood and Prevention and also Community and School Based Prevention and Protection…

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Need initiated emergency support

Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD) has provided emergency support for the community in need in its program target areas following the political and social crisis in northern part or the country. The emergency support has been provided for the target groups who are in need in Dabre-Tabor, Nifas-Mewcha and Mekene-Yesus towns that have been highly affected by the political conflict and known for experiencing social crisis. These towns are among other four targets of the USAID funded Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Services project, such as Adet,…

Peace Matters-Dialogue for mutual Co-existence

Peace Matters-Dialogue for mutual Co-existence is a project under the MSD’s Human right and good governance program. The project is being implemented in Addis Ababa , Amhara , Oromia , Sidama and Tigray regions with the funding from the European Union . The project is resulting with creating local opportunities where youth , women and elders could contribute on establishing local platforms that could contribute to initiating local dialogues that ensure peace and mutual co-existence at local levels   

MSD , responding to CORONA-COVID19

MSD is an Ethiopian based local charity organization which is operating its development programs in 41 towns of Amhara , Benishangul , Oromiya, SPNN & Tigray regions and two sub cities of Addis Ababa (Lideta & Akaki Kality). The thematic intervention programs of MSD are Health, Education, Livelihood, Child & Youth, Migration & Human trafficking, and Good Governance & Human right. As part of its health program, MSD is involving on the national effort for the prevention of the Corona-COVID19 pandemic and in the care for infected patients in Amhara…

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