MahibereHiwot for Social Development (MSD) has conducted its 18Th General Assembly on March 25, 2018 at Quara Hotel, Gondar. MSD was founded by a group of Youngers in 1999 at Gondar town. Their dream was to contribute for the national effort in creating better lives to children and youth who are deprived of basic services due to the high prevalence of HIV in the country. From that small initiative, it has now covered above 30 weredas with 135 full time staff.

The General Assembly was officially opened by Sr. Zenebwork Nigatu, vice chairperson of the assembly, by welcoming the participants and delivering speech flash backing the history of MSD. Introducing agenda of the day, she has invited the MEKM and Execut6ive Director to present the 2017 performance report of the organizing. Following this, the audit report was presented by the Finance and Administration Manager representing the external auditor.

Discussion on the presentations has been managed by the Sr Zemebwork (Vice chairperson of the GA) Dr Abebaw (Vice Chairperson of the board) and Tilaye Gizachew (Executive Director of MSD. The GA members have stressed on the means of strengthening resource mobilization system, working on promoting itself, increasing role of volunteers, to secure office space from government stakeholders, and strengthening the capacity of clubs so as to grow up to the level of association Prototypical of MSD.


Finally the 2018 plan of MSD has been presented by Program Director of MSD.