MSD gives attention to the environment in order to minimize the harmful practices that lead to climate change and the resulting global challenges. The organization practices environmental friendliness in its work and mainstreams this across the range of project portfolios.

In this relation MSD has been implementing a biodiversity conservation project in the Simien Mountains National Park, the only Ethiopian national park registered by UNESCO. The major and most critical problems in this park include man-made environmental degradation and overgrazing due to the increased livestock population. In addition, the local community has limited income sources, lack of credit access, lack of productive inputs, lack of infrastructural and socio-economic and other multifaceted development problems. Consequently, the local community production is unable to feed their households year round. Thus, due to these manifested community problems, the local community depends on the natural resources for their household substance. In this reporting year, MSD successfully closed out this project with significant achievements.

Planting Trees to Keep the Ecology

Simien Mountains National Park is found under North Gonder Zonal Administration of Amhara Regional State.  SMNP was inscribed on the list of World Heritage List in 1978 on the basis of its importance for biodiversity and its exceptional natural beauty. The park is the refuge for threatened animals such as Gelada Baboon and Walia Ibex.

Overgrazing by domestic animals, collection of wood and expansion of farm lands were the main factors causing deforestation and degradation in the national park. There still are a number of constraints that hinder the expected progress.

Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development by the financial support of GEF SGP UNDP COMPACT program has established seedling center at Adisge Milgebsa kebele of Debark woreda. Within two years period, MSD has planted 18, 2000 seedlings in and at the edge of the Simien mountain. It is also caring for more than 20, 000 seedlings in the nursery site which will be planted for the coming summer season.  

MSD believes that a drop of effort of planting a tree contributes in keeping the ecology.